How to Sort Data

Sorting data is essential for maintaining an organized and structured system. It allows users to locate specific information easily, prioritize tasks based on urgency, and gain valuable insights into the current state of their IT environment. Brinkee provides a user-friendly interface for sorting data across various modules, ensuring a seamless experience for administrators.


Follow these steps to sort data in Brinkee:

  1. Navigate to a List View

To begin sorting data, navigate to a list view. For this instance, let’s use the “All Tasks” list, which can be found under the “Tasks” dropdown in the main menu.

  1. Identify Different Fields

In the “All Tasks” list view, you will find various fields such as Number, Title, State, Assigned to, Priority, and Due date. Each of these fields provides specific information about the tasks in the list.

  1. Sorting Order

To sort data, click on the headers of the fields based on your sorting preferences. Brinkee allows you to sort in ascending or descending order:

  1. Utilize Sorted Data

Once you have sorted the data, you can use the organized information according to your needs. This feature enables IT administrators to efficiently manage tasks, track progress, and make informed decisions.