About the Brinkee Platform

What is Brinkee?

Brinkee is a platform for all your business applications. It's available in the cloud, for example on a subdomain of your website, or on one of ours. It works on your phone, tablet and computer, as long as you're online.

Brinkee can handle structured data, just like a spreadsheet, but also supports files, such as documents, images and video. Your structured data can be filtered, is searchable, secured and always ready-to-go. Of course, everything's automatically backed-up, multiple times a day.

But, just because all your data is in one place, doesn't mean that everyone can see everything. Brinkee allows you to create very granular security filters to restrict what can be seen by whom and to configure who can create, modify and delete things.

Everything in Brinkee is a record, including table definitions, security rules and business logic. If you want to extend the functionality of your platform, all you need to do is simply modify or create the right kind of record, and the system does the rest.

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Our Platform Philosophy

Add data once and re-use it across the platform

The right data for the right people at the right time

Creative freedom without compromising functionality

How can Brinkee help my business?

As a company management tool, Brinkee is used by our customers for a variety of different use-cases across their organization. At its core, Brinkee is a task management platform that allows you to assign tasks to employees or teams. But, the real value of the platform is unlocked once you start bringing in other company data and consolidate existing tools into the platform.

Having a central place for data & apps that were previously scattered around different departments in your company, drastically changes the game. It gives you visibility in your business, simplifies your IT landscape, and increases employee productivity through automation & accountability. Brinkee gives you the infrastructure you need to serve your employees & customers like kings — at scale.