Limitless Customization Options

Out of the box, we've tried to equip Brinkee with a lot of features that just make sense. But, if you'd like to go beyond what's there by default and take your platform to another level, doing so is easy. You can use our low-code building blocks to add or change the behaviour of the system.

Create and modify tables & fields

Out-of-the-box, Brinkee comes with a lot of existing tables that you can use to store your data. For more specific use-cases, or data that doesn't fit in any of our existing tables or fields, our Table Designer can help. Table Designer lets you create new fields to existing tables, or create completely new tables to store your data.

Create and modify views

Brinkee has the ability to display data in different kinds of views, depending on your use-case. You can take that concept a step further using the View Designer. View Designer allows you to create new views, or edit your existing ones. View Designer allows you to modify the order in which fields are displayed, all the way down to the way the data is displayed.

Power-up the experience of your users

Add buttons or links that help users speed up routine operations or trigger code and perform operations (actions) in the system. You can add Actions to any type of view, and make them available to users based on roles and conditions.

Full flexibility without the technical overhead

In order to meet even the most advanced requirements, Brinkee allows you to add custom Javascript code to the platform. This code can be used validate or modify inputs or outputs of an operation, modify other (existing) records, or call external webservices. The best part about our Business Logic feature is that it gives you full creative freedom without the need for development tools, everything's done inside the platform.