On a mission to level the digital playing field.

How we got started

After spending several years in IT consulting for some of the world's largest enterprises, we reached a point where we wanted to focus on working with companies that prioritize more than just their financial bottom line.

We decided to apply our unique combination of consulting and technology skills to help smaller, often family-owned businesses to innovate, digitize and get ready for the future.

But every new project brought up the same question:

What tech are we going to use to get the job done?

We had a lot of hands-on experience with powerful enterprise technology and these solutions could certainly get the job done, but these solutions were often too pricey for our customers, or too complex for our needs.

The other option we considered was to connect several standalone tools together, and sell this as our go-to solution for digitization instead. Although this approach worked as we got started, we soon realized that selling multiple tools "duct taped" together became impossible to maintain at scale, and was very fault sensitive.

The truth is that neither solution was ideal, and the only way to get out of this dilemma was by making a bold decision - to build our own solution.

We used all our technology experience and worked closely with our customers over the next few years to build the future-proof business platform that is now Brinkee.

By now, Brinkee is more than just a platform; it's a long-term partnership with each and every one of our customers. Brinkee brings together data from every corner of your company into one unified platform that can be customized to fit your unique workflow and adapt to your evolving business needs.

How we can help

At Brinkee, we enjoy talking with you to learn about your business and your unique requirements. Contact us to discuss your business, ambitious goals and ideas with one of our experts and we'll kick things off the right way!

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We focus on quality and innovation, but try not to overcomplicate things. We like to be understood, so we avoid technical language unless absolutely necessary. We bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to the table, and are ready to tackle any challenge that is sent our way.

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