View, filter & search data

Having your data in the platform is just the beginning. How you view, filter or search this data is equally important. Brinkee comes with several powerful features that help.

Perform complex searches, intuitively

Filter Builder is an intuitive way for you to perform complex searches and find the records you need, instantly. It has been designed to allow anyone to build filters, regardless of their skill level.

You can search any of the fields in your tables, or search multiple fields at once using AND or OR queries. You can even search fields that link to other records, or to records in other tables.

Maximize your productivity with different views

The way you display data has a huge impact on your productivity. Seeing and interacting with information you need in a way that makes sense, helps you move things forward. Brinkee allows you to display data in a list, on a Kanban board, or in a form, and you can create different versions of these types of views depending on your use case.

For example, for quick overviews, you may just want to show a couple of fields on a Kanban board, whereas a detailed version of the same information can be displayed in a list for analysis. The possibilities are endless.