Access Brinkee from anywhere

You can access Brinkee from any device you like, whether it's a laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is an internet connection and access to the platform.

How to access Brinkee

Most of our customers use Brinkee in their office and interact with the platform using just their laptop and a browser. But, we're seeing an increase in businesses that rely on our mobile experience to provide access to data to employees on-the-go.

We even have some customers that use Brinkee on terminals in their manufacturing departments or warehouses. We love these kind of use-cases and if you have some specific scenarios you'd like to discuss, we'd be happy to do jump on call with you.

Integrating systems with Brinkee

Our powerful API is a great option for non-humans that need to communicate with Brinkee. All features that are available to end-users are also available via our versatile APIs, allowing you to integrate Brinkee on an even deeper level into your existing business & application ecosystem.

We've had some more tech-savvy customers that integrated Brinkee with their own APIs themselves, but we typically recommend using our Professional Services or cooperate with one of partners to take care of this part of the implementation.