How to Filter based on Referenced Data (Reference Traversion)

Oftentimes in Brinkee, instead of duplicating data another record can be referenced using a “reference” field. It’s possible to traverse references and search records based on the values of the referenced record.


1. Navigate to List View

To begin filtering based on referenced data, start by navigating to a list view. For this example, we’ll use the “All Tasks” list, accessible under the “Tasks” dropdown.

2. Locate the Filter Option

Above the headers of the list view, locate the “Filter” option. Click on it to initiate the filtering process.

3. Utilize Dropdowns and Search Button

Upon clicking “Filter,” you’ll encounter two dropdowns and a search button.

4. Choose Referenced Data Field

Traversion is when you select Assigned to > Manager. You can now search for fields where the manager of the assigned to user equals XXYZ.

5. Select Comparison Category

The second dropdown provides various categories, ranging from “is” to “starts with.” Choose the appropriate category; in this instance, select “is.”

Next to the second dropdown, you’ll find a search button. Click on it to proceed with the filtering process.

7. Specify User Criteria

A set of users will be displayed; choose the specific individual to whom the data should point.

8. Execute the Filter

Once user criteria are finalized, click the “Execute” button to apply the filter.

9. Review Filtered Data

Upon execution, the list view will display only the tasks assigned to the selected person, providing a clear and focused view of the relevant data.

By following these steps, users can efficiently filter data based on referenced information, enabling them to manage tasks and collaborate effectively within the Brinkee platform.