How to Create a User

The User Management page in Brinkee provides comprehensive tools for IT administrators to efficiently oversee and control user accounts within the platform. Accessible to authorized personnel, this functionality empowers administrators to tailor user settings, roles, and group assignments to meet the specific needs of their organization.


  1. Accessing User Management in Brinkee

To begin user management tasks, follow these steps:

1.1 Log in to the Brinkee platform using your administrator credentials.

1.2 Navigate to the main dashboard.

  1. Creating a New User Record

Once you are on the main dashboard, proceed to create a new user record:

2.1 Click on the “User Management” dropdown located in the navigation menu.

2.2 Select the “Users” option from the dropdown.

  1. Filling in User Information

Follow these steps to fill in the necessary user information:

3.1 On the Users page, locate and click the “New Record” button.

3.2 Complete the required fields for the user, including:

  1. Designating User Roles

After creating a new user, you have the option to assign specific roles to the user:

4.1 Locate the user you just created on the Users page.

4.2 Access the user’s details and find the “Roles” section.

4.3 Choose the appropriate role for the user, such as Admin or Task User.