How to End Impersonation

When you’re impersonating another user, a popup message is displayed at the top of your screen to warn you’re impersonating someone.


Follow these steps to end impersonation and return to your original user account in Brinkee:

  1. Navigate to Your Profile:

    • Locate the lower-left portion of the screen where your user profile information is displayed.

    • Click on the three dots next to your profile picture and name.

  2. Access the Impersonation Options:

    • A small pop-up box will appear, providing additional options related to your profile and account settings.

    • Look for the “End Impersonation” option within this pop-up box.

  3. End Impersonation:

    • Click on the “End Impersonation” option.

    • After clicking, Brinkee will process the request, and you will be automatically returned to your original user account.