How to Add Public or National Holidays to a Schedule

In Brinkee, the addition of holidays is essential for accurate calculation of time off requests. By incorporating holidays into the platform, users can conveniently plan their time off while ensuring that schedules and workload management remain efficient. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for IT administrators to add holidays to the Brinkee platform.


  1. Navigate to Platform Management:

    • Click on the dropdown menu for platform management located on the Brinkee dashboard.
  2. Access Schedules:

    • From the platform management menu, navigate to the ‘Schedules’ section.
  3. Select Schedule Record:

    • Open the schedule you want to add holidays to.
  4. Access Holidays Tab:

    • Within the selected schedule record, locate and click on the “Holidays” tab.
  5. Create New Record:

    • Once in the holidays section, click on the option to create a new record.
  6. Fill Out Fields:

    • Provide information for the following fields:

      • Name: Enter the name of the holiday (e.g., Christmas, New Year).

      • Schedule: Choose the schedule to which the holiday applies.

      • Toggle if Active: Activate or deactivate the holiday as needed.

      • Date: Specify the date of the holiday.

      • Repeating Option: Choose between “Annually” or “Not Repeating.”

        • Annually: Select for holidays that occur on the same date every year (e.g., January 1st). The year is ignored, and the holiday will be included annually. Enable the “Annual Repeating” function for holidays that recur every year without changing dates (e.g., Christmas, New Year). This feature saves time by automatically including these holidays annually without the need for manual entry every year.

        • Not Repeating: Choose for holidays like Easter, where the date varies each year.

  7. Complete Creation Process:

    • After filling out the necessary fields, click on the “Create” button to finalize the addition of the holiday to the Brinkee platform.