How to Create a Group

The Group Page is a central hub for organizing and managing user groups within the Brinkee platform. It provides a structured approach to user management, facilitating the assignment of roles and permissions. By utilizing this feature, IT administrators can enhance collaboration and ensure that users have the appropriate access levels tailored to their responsibilities.


  1. Access User Management

    • Click on the dropdown menu labeled “User Management” in the Brinkee dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Groups

    • Within the User Management section, locate and click on the “Groups” option.
  3. Create a New Group Record

    • Click on the “New Record” button to initiate the group creation process.
  4. Fill in Group Details

    • Fill in the required information for the new group:

      • Group Name: Assign a unique and descriptive name for the group.

      • Type: Leave the default setting as “Group” or choose the appropriate type (e.g., department, location, group) to distinguish the grouping.

      • Parent: Choose the parent group if applicable.

      • Description: Add a brief description that outlines the purpose or characteristics of the group.

  5. Save Group Configuration

    • After providing the necessary details, save the group configuration. The new group is now created and ready for further customization.
  6. Add Members and Assign Roles

    • Once the group is created, navigate to the group page to see the “Members” and “Roles” tabs. You can specify the users you want to include in the group and assign their roles within the workspace by using the “New Record” button.