How to Deactivate a User

An IT administrator in the company that is using Brinkee may need to deactivate a user for various reasons such as employee departure, role changes, or security measures. Deactivating a user ensures that they no longer have access to Brinkee’s features and data. This process helps maintain security and organization within the company’s Brinkee account.


To deactivate a user in Brinkee, follow these steps:

  1. Access User Management: Begin by navigating to the user management section and clicking on the dropdown.

  2. Navigate to Users: Within the user management section, locate and click on the “Users” option. This will display a list of all users associated with the Brinkee account.

  3. Select User: From the list of users, choose the user you want to deactivate.

  4. Open User Profile: Once you’ve selected the user, their profile will open.

  5. General Tab: Within the user profile, locate the “General” tab. This tab typically contains basic information about the user.

  6. Find Active Toggle: Within the “General” tab, find the toggle or checkbox labeled “Active”. This toggle indicates whether the user is currently active within the Brinkee system.

  7. Deactivate User: Click on the active toggle to deactivate the user. This action will revoke their access to Brinkee’s features and data.

  8. Save Changes: After deactivating the user, ensure that you save the changes made to their profile by clicking on the Save button.