How to Impersonate a User

Impersonating a user is essential for IT administrators who need to troubleshoot issues specific to individual accounts or provide targeted support. This feature enables administrators to experience the platform from the user’s perspective, aiding in problem identification and resolution.


Follow these steps to impersonate a user effectively:

Step 1: Locate Your Profile

  1. Navigate to the lower left portion of the screen, where your profile information is displayed.

  2. Click on the three dots next to your profile picture and name to reveal a dropdown menu.

Step 2: Access Impersonation

  1. In the dropdown menu, a small pop-up box will appear. Click on the Impersonate option.

Step 3: Select User to Impersonate

  1. Below β€œSelect a user below to start impersonation mode,” you will see a search box. Click on the search icon.

  2. A list of users will appear. Choose the user you want to impersonate and click on the rounded box next to their name.

Step 4: Start Impersonation

  1. After selecting the user, click on the Start Impersonation button.

  2. A prompt will appear, confirming that You are now impersonating another user.