How to Create a Schedule

An IT administrator in the company that is using Brinkee is trying to set up schedules for various tasks or events within the work management platform. Schedules are used for defining a user’s timezone, working days, and public / national holidays


  1. Access Platform Management:

    • Click the dropdown for “Platform Management” located in the navigation menu.

    • This action will reveal a list of management options for various aspects of Brinkee’s functionality.

  2. Navigate to Schedules:

    • Within the Platform Management section, locate and click on “Schedules.”

    • This action will direct the user to the area dedicated to managing schedules within Brinkee.

  3. Initiate Schedule Creation:

    • Once in the Schedules section, locate and click on the “New Record” button.

    • This action will open a new form or dialogue box where the user can input details for the new schedule.

  4. Fill Out the Fields:

    • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the schedule. This helps users identify the purpose or nature of the schedule.

    • Toggle if Active: Activate or deactivate the schedule as needed. An active schedule will be operational, while an inactive one will not trigger any associated actions.

    • Toggle if Default: Determine if the schedule should be set as the default option. The default schedule is often the standard or most commonly used option.

    • Timezone: Choose the appropriate timezone from the available options. This ensures that scheduled tasks or events occur at the correct times relative to the chosen timezone.

  5. Create the Schedule:

    • After filling out all the required fields, click on the “Create” button.

    • This action saves the newly created schedule within Brinkee’s system.

  6. Edit if Needed:

    • If any adjustments or modifications are necessary, locate the newly created schedule within the Schedules section.

    • Click on the schedule to open its details, where users can edit or update any information as required.