How to Add a Role to a Group

Assigning roles to a group in a workspace is essential for maintaining a structured and secure environment. Roles define the level of access, permissions, and responsibilities for a group of users. This ensures that individuals within the group have the necessary privileges to perform their tasks while maintaining data integrity and security.


Follow these step-by-step instructions to assign a role to a group within Brinkee:

  1. Access User Management Dropdown:

    • Click on the dropdown menu labeled “User Management” located in the top navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to Groups:

    • From the User Management menu, select the “Groups” option.
  3. Access Group Settings:

    • On the left side of each group listed, locate a rounded square button pointing to the right.

    • Click this button to access the group settings.

  4. Create a New Record:

    • Within the group settings, navigate to the “Roles” tab.

    • Click on the “New Record” button to initiate the role assignment process.

  5. Select Role:

    • In the new record creation window, you will find two search boxes.

    • Click the search icon of the second box, labeled “Role.”

    • A list of available roles will appear; select the desired role.

  6. Complete Role Assignment:

    • Once you have selected the role, click the “Create” button to confirm the role assignment.
  7. Finalize and Save:

    • Review the role assignment details to ensure accuracy.

    • Click the “Save” button to apply the changes.

  8. Confirmation:

    • Once everything is finalized and saved, a confirmation message will appear, indicating that the role has been successfully assigned to the group.