How to Add Working Days to a Schedule

Adding working days ensures that tasks and projects are scheduled correctly, taking into account the company’s specific working hours and days.


  1. Access Platform Management:

    • Click on the dropdown menu for platform management.
  2. Navigate to Schedules:

    • Within the platform management section, locate and click on the Schedules option.
  3. Select Schedule Record:

    • Open the schedule you want to add working days to.
  4. Access Working Days Tab:

    • After selecting the desired schedule record, navigate to the Working Days tab. This tab contains settings related to the working days for the chosen schedule.
  5. Create New Record:

    • Within the Working Days tab, locate the option to create a new record. This option is usually denoted by a button labeled New Record. Click on it to initiate the process of adding a new working day.
  6. Provide Information:

    • Once you’ve initiated the creation of a new working day record, you’ll be prompted to provide the necessary information. This typically includes:

      • Schedule: Choose the relevant schedule from the available options.

      • Toggle for Active: Specify whether the working day is active or not.

      • Start Time: Enter the starting time for the working day.

      • End Time: Enter the ending time for the working day.

      • Day: Select the day of the week for which you are adding the working day.

  7. Confirmation and Submission:

    • After filling out all the required fields, review the information to ensure accuracy. Once satisfied, click on the Create button to confirm and submit the new working day record.