Fields in Brinkee are the fundamental building blocks of your data. They are used to define the structure and properties of each record in your tables. In many ways, fields can be thought of as the columns in a spreadsheet, with each field representing a particular piece of information about a record.

However, unlike a spreadsheet, each field in Brinkee has additional information that describes its behavior and defines how it interacts with other fields. This additional information is what we call field attributes and it handles everything includes the presentation of the field in the UI, down to the validation rules that apply.

By carefully choosing and configuring your fields, you can create a flexible and powerful data model that meets your specific needs and makes it easy to organize, filter, and work with your data.

System fields

Every record in Brinkee is automatically provided with several system fields. Read about system fields.

Naming conventions

Field names in Brinkee can only contain the characters [a-z] (only lowercase) or digits [0-9], but cannot start or end with a digit. Spaces or hyphens are not supported, and an underscore should be used instead.

Field names in Brinkee should follow a consistent naming convention that accurately reflects the information stored in that field. We recommend using descriptive names that clearly indicate the meaning of the data stored in that particular field.

Custom Fields

You can extend the functionality of your tables using custom fields. Custom fields can be added to system tables, as well as any custom table in the system. These custom fields can be used to store additional information that is specific to your use case.

When creating custom fields, it is important to follow the same naming conventions as standard fields to ensure consistency and clarity. Descriptive names that accurately reflect the meaning of the sdata stored in the field should be used.

Custom fields added to tables in Brinkee are prefixed with the cf_ prefix to distinguish them from fields that were added as part of the installation. This convention has been established for security considerations and cannot be changed. However, this behaviour only applies to system tables. Fields added to custom tables (tables with the ct_ prefix) are not prefixed.