Features that help you succeed

Access Brinkee from anywhere

You can access Brinkee from any device you like, whether it's a laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is an internet connection and access to the platform.

A cute name, but enterprise-grade security under the hood

We have many awesome security features that help keep your data secure and you and your employees safe.

The same information, displayed better

Having your data in the platform is just the beginning. How you display, filter or search this data is equally important. Brinkee comes with several powerful features that help.

Ready for action from day one

A new Brinkee platform doesn't require customization before it brings you value. We've tried this approach in the past, but realised that it is very difficult for customers to see the future potential of the platform without seeing immediate results first. To solve this, we have built several standard modules that have since become a corner-stone of the Brinkee platform experience.


Good communication is the differentiator, we have a few features that just make sense.

Customizing Brinkee to match your requirements

Out of the box, we've tried to equip Brinkee with a lot of features that just make sense. But, if you'd like to go beyond what's there by default and take your platform to another level, doing so is easy. You can use our low-code building blocks to add or change the behaviour of the system.