Built-in Modules for Success

A new Brinkee platform doesn't require customization before it brings you value. We've tried this approach in the past, but realised that it is very difficult for customers to see the future potential of the platform without seeing immediate results first. To solve this, we have built several standard modules that have since become a corner-stone of the Brinkee platform experience.


Pinboards are our modern-day adaptation of the traditional pinboard you may have had (or have) in your office. Whether you want to share company news, upcoming events or friendly reminders, Pinboards make it easy to do so. But, Pinboards are not just a digital version of their traditional, offline counterparts. We've actually added a bunch of next-generation features that truly make it a better alternative.

Task Management

Task Management has been at the core of the Brinkee platform since the very beginning. Whether you're coordinating simple one-off tasks, repeating tasks, or long-running projects, Task Management can help you coordinate work across you entire organization.