A cute name, but enterprise-grade security under the hood

We have many awesome security features that help keep your data secure and you and your employees safe.

Advanced access controls

Brinkee's advanced security system allows you to grant (or deny) access to users based on their roles, the relationship to the record they're trying to access, as well as the result of the evaluation of custom scripts. These access controls can be configured for each table, the rows within that table, and the fields of each row. This allows you to handle even the most complex of security requirements.

Industry-standard encryption & secure connections.

Access to your Brinkee platform is always secured with TLS (SSL). Internally, Brinkee uses TLS to encrypt all data in transit, as well as AES 256-bit encryption to secure all secrets and audit log data.

Daily backups

Brinkee's cloud platform is automatically backed-up multiple times per day.

Deployments in specific geographic regions

We typically deploy Brinkee on public cloud infrastructure in Europe. However, some customers prefer their data to be hosted in a specific region of the world (for reduced latency, or enhanced data protection).

We have partnerships with strictly US or Switzerland-based cloud providers, and setting up your platform in these regions is no problem at all. Please contact us about this, as it's not a standard feature, but something we've done before and gladly facilitate.

IP Whitelisting

It is possible to restrict access to your Brinkee platform using IP whitelisting. This allows you to access Brinkee only through your company's VPN, or from within the company network.

This feature hinders the user experience quite a bit, and we prefer to use other ways of restricting access to your platform. That being said, if this is a feature you'd like to use, please contact us and we gladly set it up for you.

Data silos

Data silos are the Brinkee way of handling multi-tenancy within the platform. You can use it for more advanced data separation requirements, without the need to create custom security rules and business logic to handle this yourself.

Whether you want to restrict visibility of records by department, or share your platform with external users, data silos are our official way to do this. Data silos are hierarchical, and silos on the same level are air-gapped from eachother. Users in a silo can only see data within the same silo, or data in lower-level silos. In addition, existing access controls (as explained in the section above) are still enforced, giving you full control over the visibility of your data.